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Artist Statement

Artist Statement


Being a left-handed dreamer, visionary, and idealist, I love a good story.


I enjoy traveling, and yearn for great adventure.


As a deep thinker, I am drawn toward enjoying long times of solitude and reflection, taking time to ponder big questions and the bigger picture.


I am a story teller, and I have captured thousands of stories through the lens of my phone camera. I am compelled to share these stories with others that I encounter along this wonderful journey I am living. My passion is imparting courage, strength, and hope through my stories and photographs; mere reflections of revelation in those fleeting moments of time that tell of the bigness and beauty of life, and all it has to offer.


I am dedicated to passionately pursuing my dreams and being all I am called to be.


And I challenge you to do the same.


Live fully alive on the inside, and don't be afraid to be you, in every moment of every day.


That is the great adventure, and that is a story worth telling!


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