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"Life is about moments. Don't wait for them. Create them."

Create Moments


A glowing candle, a tin cup with flowers, and a park bench: a great shot for any photographer, right? With these objects sitting on the table, this scene could easily be set anywhere in the world. But it isn't just anywhere, it is outside a little hot dog stand in downtown Frankfort, Germany.

How did I get there, you might ask. That is a very good question, and like most things in my life, it has a really good story. The short, short version is: I was eating a bratwurst when this scene developed in front of me. But I will tell you more.

I was returning stateside from a magnificent trip to Ukraine. My layover flight, from Budapest, Hungary, to Chicago, was through Frankfort, Germany. This was my first time to Europe. A 14 hour overnight layover seemed like a long time to be in Europe and not do some exploring, and photographing, to me.

So my traveling companion and I did the only logical thing that two single, white, American females could think of - we took the tram from the airport to the pedestrian mall and explored this beautiful city. It just made sense.

And we walked, and walked and walked. We had a little map, and knew where the tram station was, so we could get back to the airport. But we really didn't know where were destined, or the language, or really anyone at all. But we had the time of our lives! We tried not to look like obvious tourists, although I'm not sure if we succeeded in blending in. Especially when we ended up in a sit down restaurant and had to ask for menus in English, because everything was all in German!

But for those few, precious hours, I was in a country I had only seen in maps and pictures. I had already experienced more in the 10 day trip than my little heart could imagine, and here we were, on our way home, but still, our adventurous drive was in high gear.

And I'm extremely thankful we did adventure. At some point in our exploration, We found this quaint hot dog stand and ordered bratwurst, because that's just what you do when you are in Germany. At least that's what we did. I am so glad we took the time to create the moments that we did.

It still kind of floors me that I can say I ate bratwurst in Germany though. And yes, we made it safely back to the airport, and back to our flight, on time, and without any hangups or snags. Had we waited for the right moment, it might have passed us by. We could have just waited out the time in the airport, but instead we took a risk, and created an opportunity, and those moments I will treasure forever.

Life is about moments. Don't wait for them. Create them. Make every moment count, because every moment matters. When you look back on your life, you will be glad you did.

Photo taken with iPhone 4, October 2013, Frankfort, Germany.
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