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Ridiculously Amazing


"Make today ridiculously amazing"

Ridiculously Amazing


I'm not one to rise before the sun does. If I'm awake before the sun lights up the sky, it's usually because I haven't gone to bed yet. See, I am what people call a night owl. A late night owl. I find my most creative times during those late hours most people use for sleeping. It is during this time that I feel I can let loose and flow, uninterrupted. Mornings are harder for me because it takes my brain while to get started.

But this morning was different. It was special and unique. Not because I was awake before the sun, but because of why I was awake before the sun. This was the day I was going to ride in a hot air balloon. In Sedona, Arizona. With my sister. An adventure of a lifetime. A dream come true.

I have always loved to watch hot air balloons gently gliding across the sky. I often wondered how it would feel to be up so high without a motor, soaring in a basket and balloon. I would say to myself, 'Someday I will ride in one of those things. Not sure how, or when, but I will'.

But I didn't realize just how much of an adventurer I was, until that morning we climbed into the brown basket and let the hot air take us away.

The rocks were so red. The trees so tiny. We saw deer and rabbits and winding dirt paths. And then the sun rose, up and over the rock formation called Cock's Comb - the same one we had skimmed over in our hot air balloon! Looking back on that formation, just as the sun came rising over, was one of those moments in time that just makes you speechless.

I realize that not every moment in life can be a breath-taking sun rise from a hot air balloon moment. But, that doesn't mean each day can't be made to be amazing, ridiculously amazing. We can choose to see the amazing, or find it, or make it up. We don't have to settle for hum-drum, ordinary, or always pushing dreams into "someday". Choose today to find something amazing about it - just one moment. And tomorrow, choose to find two, and continue adding or multiplying those moments to become an entire day of amazing. And don't be afraid to dream big, and work hard to turn those plans into reality. It is worth it!

Whether on the mountain top, or in the valley, or anywhere in between, we can choose to make today ridiculously amazing! 

Photo taken with iPhone 4, September 2012, Sedona, Arizona.
Copyrighted Reflections of Revelation.



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