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She's a Dreamer


"She's a dreamer. A Doer. A Thinker. She sees possibilities everywhere."


Here I am, in the rustic state of Arizona, standing on a rocky path leading to the great Grand Canyon. I'm about to experience something I'd spent my life reading about and dreaming about. So why did I look down at the path in that moment? What caused me to notice another view on my way to the great view?

I may never have the answer for that. But I'm certainly glad I did, because otherwise this photograph may never have happened. Those tiny purple flowers, peeking up between the rocks in the path, surprised me and caught my attention in a way I hadn't expect.

These flowers were there, growing for no one in particular. They hadn't been planted by a park ranger, or arranged for the tourists. They were just there, doing their thing. Growing beautiful, just because that's what tiny purple flowers do, growing in the rocky, grainy soil that surrounds the Grand Canyon National Park. And for just an instant, I was more focused on the beauty right by my feet, than that of the final destination of my journey.

Looking out over the Grand Canyon was planned, it was purposed; it was going to happen. It was predictable, in that it was there, and I was going to see it. But these flowers surprised me as they spoke to my heart. They weren't planned in my daily agenda, and I hadn't prepared myself to see them. They were just there, and I just happened to look down, with my dreamer's eyes open.

Isn't that just like life? I know sometimes life throws us curve balls that we weren't expecting - an unplanned kink that is not good at any level. But sometimes, life kisses us with kind moments we weren't expecting either, and it causes us to pause and reflect on just how nice life can be. Those are moments where we sigh, look up, and smile. Those are moments worth savoring.

But what if we could live in moments like this, for more than a mere moment? What if we spent our lives in anticipation for unplanned moments that are wonderful and full of possibilities? What if, on our way to our goal, our destination, our planned outcome, we looked around for flowers and smiles and whatnot? Life becomes so much more enjoyable when you stop for simple moments of wow on your way to the big wow. Savor those tiny purple flowers growing in the rocky path on your way to the Grand Canyon, because those unexpected moments are fuel to living a passion-filled life.

Photo taken with iPhone 4, October 2012. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
Copyrighted Reflections of Revelation.



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