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Give Back Esmeralda

Esmeralda (female)

Sponsorship Began: April 2016
Birthdate: 10/01/99
Country: Mexico

Esmeralda is a caring young lady.  In fact, she dreams of becoming a doctor when she is older.  Right now, in school, she is doing well and especially enjoys her Spanish class.  Esmeralda loves to draw in her spare time.  She usually eats rice, milk, or eggs as a part of her supper at home.  After dinner, she helps out by sweeping the home.  Esmeralda lives with her mother and two brothers. 

Carepoint: Aguas Calientes is the capital city of the state of Aguascalientes, located in central Mexico, just north of Mexico City.

Why Mexico: Aguascalientes has one of the highest suicide rates in Mexico.  Due to its centralized location, it is strategic for businesses and, unfortunately, also for illegal trading.  the children in the poorest communities Children's Cup serves are suffering from severe malnutrition, which has caused a number of significant health issues and concerns.  45.5% of Mexicans live below the poverty line, living on lass than one US dollar a day.  The country has been ravaged by the drug trade which has left broken families and crushed spirits in its wake.  Helping Esmeralda helps an entire family, and in turn, brings hope to a community.  Helping one, helps all.




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