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Give Back Sharlette

Sharlette (female)

Sponsorship Began: July 2017
Birthdate: 12/01/07
Country: Belize

Sharlette and her five siblings are being raised by their mother and father.  Her mother works at the local Princess Hotel to support the family.  Sharlette helps at home by cooking some of their meals.  In school, Sharlette enjoys learning math and in the future she has ambitious dreams of becoming a doctor.  Even though she has a quiet personality, Sharlette enjoys playing with other kids.   

Carepoint: Albert Street Carepoint is located in downtown Belize City and is referred to as the Waterwalkers community. 

Country: Belize is situated on the Caribbean Sea, south of Mexico and northeast of Guatemala in Central America.  About 60% of the total population of Belize is made up of children and youth.  Murder, child prostitution, teenage violence, and fatherlessness are widespread throughout the country and across culture.  We believe that Belize is the hub for revival in all of Central America!




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