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Give Back

Sharlette          Esmeralda


I am excited to be fulfilling my dream of sponsoring children and helping families around the globe have access to clean food and water, proper medical care, education and training, and also life transforming discipleship.  I have found an amazing organization, called Children's Cup, and have already begun sponsoring my first child! This organization lines up with my vision and values, even to the core of their mission of "helping throw-away kids become world changers"!  There are also opportunies through this organization to travel, purchase products, and help with ongoing projects.  I can't wait to see how far I can give back from Reflections of Revelation to the world, through Children's Cup!

Part of the proceeds of every product purchased, both on this website and in person, will go toward sponsoring children, and supporting various other projects, through Children's Cup.  As you inspire yourself and others with my art, you are also helping raise up world changers all over the globe.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Stay tuned for updates on how Reflections of Revelation's Give Back is growing and changing lives!

Visit Children's Cup webiste for more information on this fantastic organization and how they are changing lives all over the world.



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